About Sweatabl

Sweatabl was founded in 2017 as a passion project. We noticed that gyms and trainers were putting together these amazing free fitness classes and downloads but unless you knew where to look, they were difficult to find. So at first, we thought Sweatabl would be a blog that compiled the free fitness classes happening around Toronto.


But then we thought "why stop there?"

Sure, looking at a website is useful. But being able to have this data on our phone with the ability to filter, sort and actually sign up for these classes in a matter of seconds would be EVERYTHING. So that's when we began the 20 month long development phase in order to launch on The App Store on July 6th, 2019. 

What's Next?

Honestly guys, we haven't been this excited for an update since preparing our launch! This next update will let Sweatabl not only help you find free fitness classes & downloads, but also show you all of the intro offers and deals at studios near you.


Imagine taking a walk to your local market and receiving a pop up on your phone telling you about a brand new gym opening up on your block and its' massive grand opening sale! You then tap on Sweatabl, find out about the classes and location, get taken to their website and sign up in less than 3 minutes. That is how easy finding fitness will be with Sweatabl on your phone :)

About Liz

Hi! I'm Liz, co-founder of Sweatabl. I grew up in Ottawa, ON and graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. I moved to Toronto 6 years ago for my job as a junior civili engineer at a large cement company. Working in that industry was something I was able to do during the day to pay the bills, but my interest in fitness grew exponentially the second I tried group fitness. I fell in love with the fitness community and wanted to be a part of it in any way possible. I began working at studios on the weekends and was writing blogs for the online fitness blog WellTODo on the side. It was being around so many inspirational people at community fitness events that encouraged me to blend my organizational skills with fitness to create a business that I could have control over the messaging and creative input. I'm so proud of what Sweatabl has become and the community that we have cultivated based on positivity, acceptance and realness.

Most used Sweatabl feature: the workout class type filter. Some days I wake up craving a low impact barre class, other days I want want the highest intensity workout to get a real good sweat going. I love that I can quickly find offerings for what my body needs that day. 

Favourite type of workout: Boxing

Favourite meal: A chicken stir fry with all the fixings followed by brownies

Favourite Netflix show: Any crime docuseries...or The Office

About Rob

Hello! Rob here, the other co-founder of Sweatabl. I grew up in Montreal, QC....

Most used Sweatabl feature:

Favourite type of workout:

Favourite meal:

Favourite Netflix show: